Bake the World a Better Place is an organization designed to relieve homelessness while increasing the community potential through a strategic work-rent plan.

We aim to provide not only a safe environment for individuals struggling with or facing homelessness, but providing them with every step they need to get themselves to a comfortable state. This goes for people who are already homeless, kids coming out of foster care, people transitioning out of jail and so forth. Through job skills training, a safe place to lay their head, and a little trust we believe we can not only help the individuals participating in the program, but employers as well. We will prove that individuals coming out of our program are ready to work, and know the essential kitchen skills to get the job done to the employers satisfaction.

We are a grassroots organization & we’re doing everything we can to grow and improve our communities. If you are a cafe, restaraunt, or kitchen that no longer wants to pay for ads to find good employees and waste precious time interviewing people who are just looking for a job, not a career, then contact us! We will be sure to find you someone who wants to learn, who wants to work, and wants to grow with your business.