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Not all Superheroes Wear capes

If you were living in a Fictional World as a Superhero, would you wear a Cape? And what Superpowers would you want to use? Let’s focus on the first question; Would you wear a cape? Does wearing a Cape emphasizes the Name of the Superhero? Is the Cape a part of the Superhero Uniform? Does the Cape represent “something” other than the Superhero’s emblem or icon? Or is the Cape only for the flair and fashion? Whatever the reason, we can say one of the many purposes of a Cape is standing out. Standing out can be a Good thing. […]

How to end Homelessness through Kitchen Training

Interactive training for people dealing with Homelessness is what makes learning Kitchen Skills fun and interesting For many of us, Homelessness is a huge problem for our Society. But we’re already at the point where we can support our fellow people wherever and whenever we want. We have the Resources and Organizations we can support to End the Cycle! For example, we have the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless​ in Denver, Coalition for the Homeless​ in New York, and People Assisting the Homeless or PATH​in the State of California. Each of these Organizations has different Processes but they all have […]

Building Leadership

Having leadership is something that many kids dream of as they grow up. Making big decisions, leading a group, and being looked at as “Important” are all things that people want in life. Usually, this correlates directly to being able to make a difference in some sort of way. For some, that is being the signature on your check every pay period; feeding families and taking care of your employees is a definite leadership quality. For others, it’s the girl in class who always raises her hand to ask questions and stays after for extra help. A leader is always […]

Nothing comes out of the oven 100% finished

Long before founding Bake the World a Better Place, I grew up in a little village in Western NY with a roughly 1,400 person population. As a lot of little kids who grow up in the middle of nowhere, I always felt like my dreams were so much bigger than I could accomplish being where I was. At the same time, I didn’t have a true idea of what I would have loved to do for the rest of my life, or study for at school, because the jobs and options I saw around me were limited. Not saying they […]

Housing — The Foundation

Housing—the biggest mountain to climb when it comes to cleaning up the streets and giving people another chance at life. But, what is the answer? How do we provide housing while being sure to not just be giving away real estate? How can you be sure the house is going to be appreciated? Respected? Taken care of? With so many opinions on the subject and how to resolve the current issues surrounding the homeless, as well as the idea of Bake the World a Better Place, it seems every day we hear another great idea that seems like it could […]

Homeless Population on the rise

A steady rise in homelessness The National Alliance to End Homelessness recently published an article on their website about an Increase in Homeless Americans in 2015, and Bake the World a Better Place noticed. Some of the cities in the report, originally posted by The United States Conference of Mayors, are Chicago, San Francisco, and D.C. Although they state that the true numbers on homeless individuals will not be known until later on this year, there are still some pretty shocking numbers that are already coming through. The report claims across all of the cities in the survey, the overall […]

Homelessness & the Cycle

Breaking free from the Cycle of Homlessness There’s been growing News about why feeding the Homeless is Illegal. This isn’t new; In 2013, a Restaurant in Indiana closed their feeding program because of threats that if they didn’t stop feeding the Homeless, they would face closing their doors. Throughout the United States, Businesses who are helping the needy to fight Homelessness encounters the same threat. We at Bake the World a Better Place have a different take on this issue. Everyone has their own Idea of a right and wrong method. But finding a common ground and focusing on facts to fix […]