Bake the World a Better Place is a Non-Profit Organization with the Mission of Relieving Homelessness while Strengthening our Community Potential through Housing Relief, Job Skills Training and Job Placement
Bake the World a Better Place is a Non-Profit Organization with the Mission of Relieving Homelessness while Strengthening our Community Potential through Housing Relief, Job Skills Training and Job Placement

Food; A Bridge for Cultural Understanding

Bake the World a Better Place will Doughnate time to the community

The reason food is an instrumental connector for new relationships

Have you ever talked to someone about their Life, Experience, Work or some other Cultural topic you’re both interested while both of you are cooking or buying Food?

And you notice you’re connecting your feelings, commitments or emotions to the Person you’re talking to through Food?

You might even remember your Childhood days where you love or hate certain ingredients because of its taste, texture or fragrance. Whatever it might be, Food is a unique connector.

Food is an important factor for Cultural Understanding. Have you ever traveled to other places or countries? And in your “To-Do-List”, Tasting food from the region is listed?

That’s right, Food is like an Introductory part of a Culture; Food is the gateway to learn of other peoples backgrounds and preferences.

A local Ingredient that seems foreign to you may be an ordinary ingredient to other people.

Do you now see the Importance of Food when we talk about bridging the Personal Connection​? Food is an amazing Tool to connect with new People​.

Now, let’s talk about understanding people more after we had been introduced to their Culture..

For every ingredient, there are proper ways to use it, standard ways to use it and most important of all; a variety of ways on how to do it.

Cultural differences play an important role when preparing or cooking a certain dish.

We can achieve replicating the dish in SOLO but doing this in SOLO might be inauthentic for people because you made the dish with your own set of skills without the help of another person.

Some will say, “So, that’s how you use this ingredient where you are from?” or “Wow! I never thought that this Ingredient could be used like that!”.

Can we learn how to use special or cultural Ingredients? Of course! We can learn this through Education.

Let’s imagine a scenario where you’re In School, you’re a Professor and you’re teaching your Students how to cook a certain dish with a step-by-step instruction. You see your Students nodding to show that they “get” what you’re talking.

And when you gave them a task to cook that dish and form a 2-4-man team, they created a Strategy and courses of action to perfect the task.

Who will be the leader of their team?

What will be their individual role?

How will the team work together to accomplish the goal?

As soon as they finish their plans, they will now prepare the dish. You cannot underestimate the power of Teamwork; especially in the Kitchen.

So, what’s at the center of this Bond?

Everyone has an individual Aim, but the Team has a common Goal. Where the Aim of the task is to copy or mimic the same Dish you’ve instructed. This is the beauty of Interaction; we talk to people to connect not only their commitments but also their feelings.

And when we establish a personal relationship with them? We can level-up our Interaction with them more and we can trust them because we understand them.

There are a lot of ways to build a bridge for connecting people through Food:

  • 1. Cooking Food together
  • 2. Eating and Enjoying the Food as a Family
  • 3. Maintaining a garden
  • 4. Making every meal Special
  • 5. And much more. The sky’s the limit.

The important thing is we’re not just using Food as an Introduction to understand people, we’re using Food to build a Connection, the KLT Factor (Know, Like and Trust), Cultural Understanding, Empathy and building meaningful relationships with other people.

This is one of the reason we at Bake the World a Better Place stand behind our Mission to help the less fortunate.

  • -If you love to know how Food can be used to reach out to people.
  • -If you want to know how to use Ingredients in certain ways.
  • -If you need to expand your Skills in the Kitchen.
  • -If you’re driven to help People, building the KLT Factor andsetting new relationships by connecting Food for other People…

Bake the World a Better Place can help you or anyone you may know needing this Training Program.

We‘re a Non-Profit Organization who aims to End Homelessness through Job Skills Training.

If you‘re interested, visit our Contact Page and reach us, we would LOVE to hear from you.

Creating Food with a Mission to strengthen the Community and to end Homelessness throughout the world is the End Goal.