Bake the World a Better Place is a Non-Profit Organization with the Mission of Relieving Homelessness while Strengthening our Community Potential through Housing Relief, Job Skills Training and Job Placement
Bake the World a Better Place is a Non-Profit Organization with the Mission of Relieving Homelessness while Strengthening our Community Potential through Housing Relief, Job Skills Training and Job Placement

Building Leadership

Having leadership is something that many kids dream of as they grow up. Making big decisions, leading a group, and being looked at as “Important” are all things that people want in life.

Usually, this correlates directly to being able to make a difference in some sort of way. For some, that is being the signature on your check every pay period; feeding families and taking care of your employees is a definite leadership quality. For others, it’s the girl in class who always raises her hand to ask questions and stays after for extra help. A leader is always ready to grow, learn, and explore new ideas—this does not mean a leader should have already GROWN, LEARNED, or EXPLORED such ideas.

Having the ability to lead means you are not afraid of something different, trying new things, and working to be sure that in the end; the greater good is achieved.

Now, although sometimes it is very easy to pick out a Leader in a group; this is not always the case nor do situations ever line up directly across platforms. There are numerous situations where the person you would think is the “professional” is just someone who learned the play the game or slide through life a little different, while the person you see and think “I’m glad I’m not in that position” is the one who could have better Leadership skills.

We see this a lot with Bake the World a Better Place; we post signs and let our partners know of classes and opportunities all the time. This is our first step to finding leaders in the community. Leaders will reach out and ask about classes, the process, and the opportunities. We do not force anyone to partake, nor do we demerit in any way individuals who do not show up. We know if you come through the door, you’re a step ahead already.
For some, they are just not in the right place, or there are other situations preventing them from taking this step; this is not to say any of these individuals are not promoting Leadership in their own right. (The program also uses other methods to work with these individuals who need other assistance for class, for this articles sake we are only talking about our main public classes) Remember; We do not require that you have already done, for us to teach you to be a leader, we require you to be open to trying.

When it comes to Leadership within businesses; a lot of that will come down to the people in those organizations.

Many believe that because they’ve graduated with a special degree or that their family getting them placed at the top means they understand what a Leader is. A true Leader must be able to continuously change, communicate, and act to be sure the organization is at the best it can be. Now, can those above people be great leaders? Absolutely! Bake the World a Better Place supports anyone willing to learn and constantly grow their Leadership values!

But think about this when we bring in another comparison to the little girl who always raises her hand and the person who sits at the top of a company and signs checks. The little girl is learning to read a write, she is so excited to get letters and emails from her friends and she always responds as quickly as she can. The Boss is so fed up with learning new things every month and never responds to emails or letters because they have “more important” things to be doing. The Little girl talks with her friends every morning, eats breakfast with them, shares random things with them that happened yesterday. The Boss parks in his Underground private parking, shows up 2 hours after everyone else has already been there working, and if every they are having a conversation with an employee; you know it can’t be something good.

Now; Who promotes better leadership here?

Well, probably both. We do not know what other things either of them has going on in life, nor do we know the numbers behind whatever organization it is we are talking about. But in a fast take on the situation; Who was ready to hire the little girl as the new CEO? Someone who loves learning, loves sharing, cares about her friends, their lives, their feelings, and doesn’t seem scared of Change because, well, she doesn’t know any different. Everyone in a leadership role should be open to ever expanding their knowledge to be sure they are making the best decisions for their company, their employees, and the communities they support—and/or support them. Bake the World a Better Place can stand behind this.

When it comes to communities, the part that really makes it stand out as a Leader is the connection between those Individuals and the Businesses.

There are communities that are Leaders because they have the most businesses in a X-mile Radius, and there are others that have turned into “Green” communities and Leading the way in sustainability and resourcefulness. It is the way People and Businesses connect, grow, and thrive that will bring the largest benefit to a Community. Bake the World a Better Place understands this to the core. We need to be sure the next generation has all the best opportunities as well as Teachers to be sure they come out as strong Leaders. Ready to share, learn, and love what they are doing to ensure the greater good for everyone.

Know someone who could use Leadership Skills to help strengthen their Career? Visit our Contact Page and send us a message! We would love to connect!