Bake the World a Better Place is a Non-Profit Organization with the Mission of Relieving Homelessness while Strengthening our Community Potential through Housing Relief, Job Skills Training and Job Placement
Bake the World a Better Place is a Non-Profit Organization with the Mission of Relieving Homelessness while Strengthening our Community Potential through Housing Relief, Job Skills Training and Job Placement

Housing — The Foundation

Housing—the biggest mountain to climb when it comes to cleaning up the streets and giving people another chance at life.

But, what is the answer? How do we provide housing while being sure to not just be giving away real estate? How can you be sure the house is going to be appreciated? Respected? Taken care of?

With so many opinions on the subject and how to resolve the current issues surrounding the homeless, as well as the idea of Bake the World a Better Place, it seems every day we hear another great idea that seems like it could help. But, what is going to be the solution that will really make an impact?

Obviously, giving away housing doesn’t exactly seem fair nor does it seem like a long-term plan. How would you decide which types of property to give an individual? How many rooms per family member? What side of town? And what other options are available on that side of town?

On the other hand, let’s face it; without stable housing and a safe place to call home, taking any step to further yourself or get to the next level, seems like an impossible task. It is very hard to show up to a job interview and look like you haven’t been sleeping in a ditch, when in fact you have been sleeping in a ditch. The chance a big corporation or almost any corporation is going to take you serious for a position if you can’t even wipe the crust from your eyes is pretty slim.

The key is that just having a place to sleep doesn’t always suffice as much as you would hope, and Bake the World a Better Place knows that. I was homeless for 2 years, and although many nights I was able to string together enough side work to get a motel room for the night, it was rare I woke up feeling much better than the nights spent out on the street.

Yes, I woke up dry, and with covers; but I was still hungry.

I had no money to do my laundry, the clothes I had on, I had been wearing for two weeks straight, and when I looked at myself in the mirror, I could see I wouldn’t have even hired me. So did having somewhere to sleep help? Maybe a tiny bit, but I wouldn’t say that’s the solution anyone is looking for.

Eventually I went back to just sleeping in the park. It was cheaper, I didn’t have to worry about bed bugs on a park bench, and it was probably better for my overall push forward to get out of being homeless. I wasn’t working everyday just to be able to afford a room for the night.

I had bigger plans; Bake the World a Better Place, it was time to save every dime until I could get myself off the streets. Of course that was easier said than done when you still need to eat, buy insulin, and somehow come up with enough money for a new shirt so I could apply to some jobs.

With that being said; housing is the entire foundation for someone’s life, not just a roof over their head. Does everyone deserve a home? Thoughts like that makes me think a lot farther into the situation than just a door with some walls. Home is where your friends are, where your family is, where you eat, where you sleep, where you know you’ll always be wanted. And yes, we all deserve that. Providing that is the mission of Bake the World a Better Place.

So how do you help someone obtain housing and keep it? Education.

The first step is to completely understand a person’s situation and what they need to move forward. Sometimes services such as therapy, counseling, and doctors’ visits can be just as important to help someone feel more healthy and worthy of life.

Once you have the basic needs taken care of or at least being worked towards, and then comes the part of getting things in place to make sure you could stay afloat once you get yourself going. These include job skills, life skills, and relationship skills. Having a place to live is great, but you are going to want to know how to keep that place clean, be able to pay for it, and eventually be able to invite some friends over. This is what Bake the World a Better Place

This whole idea is exactly what Bake the World a Better Place stands for. We understand the steps that need to be covered before someone can make a real change in their life. Our mission is to not only help with providing housing, but be sure when you obtain that housing you can take care of it, respect it, and never have to worry about losing it.

After we help individuals find housing, we teach them job skills and people skills. Being able to make a something from scratch, hold a conversation, and enjoy the fruits of your labor when you are done, are all important steps in true rehabilitation. Housing is the entire foundation of someone’s life, not just a roof over their head.

If you know someone who can use help out of a state of being homeless, and is looking for housing and a job, please reach out to our Contact Page and let us know!