Bake the World a Better Place is a Non-Profit Organization with the Mission of Relieving Homelessness while Strengthening our Community Potential through Housing Relief, Job Skills Training and Job Placement
Bake the World a Better Place is a Non-Profit Organization with the Mission of Relieving Homelessness while Strengthening our Community Potential through Housing Relief, Job Skills Training and Job Placement

How to end Homelessness through Kitchen Training

Interactive training for people dealing with Homelessness is what makes learning Kitchen Skills fun and interesting

For many of us, Homelessness is a huge problem for our Society. But we’re already at the point where we can support our fellow people wherever and whenever we want. We have the Resources and Organizations we can support to End the Cycle!

For example, we have the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless​ in Denver, Coalition for the Homeless​ in New York, and People Assisting the Homeless or PATH​in the State of California.

Each of these Organizations has different Processes but they all have one goal, Ending Homelessness.

So, is Bake the World a Better Place different? Yes and No; let me explain, in our Organization we’re focusing on providing Kitchen Skills Training and Housing Aid for the Homeless. We’re easing their pain in finding Food and we’re helping them to find a Safe Shelter. Our Program develops not only their Personality but also their Self Sufficiency and Professionalism.

Focusing on their Personal Skills and developing their Professional Skills so they can be used in the Food and Beverage Industry. We are sure to hone our Trainees to have the Mindset of not going back to a life of Homelessness

Just what INC​ mentioned in this article where Joel Trammell (the Writer)​ writes 10 Ways to Maximize your Professional Development​, and he said on number 5 “Attend Training Programs”.

You might wonder why did we decide that our Program focuses on Training and Honing the Skills of the less fortunate? The reason is simple; Kitchen Skills Training is interactive and it’s fun. This makes for a great learning atmosphere.

Normal Education runs long, expensive, and some Subjects included in your Curriculum are not related to your Degree. Why would you want to waste your Time, Energy and Money on an unrelated Subject?

With that in mind, we at Bake the World a Better Place created a Training Program that Educates People in a more Interactive way. Interactive Education is Interesting and Fun and creates a great learning experience.

Educating People must be a Two-way Communication. This is the reason On-The-Job Trainings are Interactive.

Teachers, Instructors, and Professors interact with their Students to learn those Students’ behaviors, and the Students interact with their Educators to learn what Lesson or Topic they’re studying.

Two-way Communication is the fuel of Interactivity, and if there’s Interactivity, both Educators and Students develop what we call Compassion.

Two-way Communication is also the fuel of Creativity, we’re talking about Kitchen Skills Training where you need sound Judgment, Critical Thinking, and Creativity. Professionals who are working in the Kitchen know how Stressful it is if there’s a lack of Communication.

How can you find Creativity in this Highly Stressful Environment? Inspiration. New Ideas. Fresh perspectives. You need to be sure to constantly be putting yourself into new situations so you can learn and grow from them.

Have you seen a Successful Fast-Paced Environment where the Head Chefs and his or her Cooks don’t interact with each other? There are none. Because working in this type of Environment requires Interactive Two-way Communication, Creativity and Critical Thinking. Or else, they’ll face internal problems and chaos. 

Do you see what we’re aiming for? Our Program is Fun, Interactive and Professional. We can teach you these kitchen skills to build your Personal and Professional Skills while developing Compassion for the people around you.

Compassion is what we need to end Homelessness.

To sum up, Compassion  and Interactive Education through Training is how we can take a step forward to End the Cycle of Homelessness.

Do you want to help us End the Cycle of Homelessness through Compassion and Interactive Education? Contact Us! We would love to hear from you.