Homeless Population on the rise

A steady rise in homelessness

The National Alliance to End Homelessness recently published an article on their website about an Increase in Homeless Americans in 2015, and Bake the World a Better Place noticed. Some of the cities in the report, originally posted by The United States Conference of Mayors, are Chicago, San Francisco, and D.C.

Although they state that the true numbers on homeless individuals will not be known until later on this year, there are still some pretty shocking numbers that are already coming through.

The report claims across all of the cities in the survey, the overall amount of people dealing with being homeless has risen by 1.6%. This is broken down into two categories, family homelessness and Individual homelessness.

The family category has actually seen a 5.2% decrease in homelessness, which is amazing! Individual homelessness on the other hand has seen a rise of roughly 1.7%. Although a 5.2% decrease in family homelessness is a great stat, obviously something still isn’t adding up with a 1.6% increase in the overall category.

This does show us some good news though; there are more options for individuals struggling with homelessness and it is becoming easier for people to find these resources. This is certainly important and it is nice that we have some statistics to relate back to and see the programs that are making a real difference.

Certain cities in the report are highlighted, such as Baltimore, who saw a 27% decrease in overall homelessness. Other cities, most likely due to a large rise in people transplanting to these cities saw a huge increase. Los Angeles saw a 15.8% increase in homelessness, as well as Nashville Tennessee seeing a 5% increase.

Now remember that the true numbers of whether it was an increase or decrease in homelessness across America will not be available until later in 2016. These are the current numbers we have from specific surveyed cities and they still give us a good indication on what those numbers will be.

Another alarming piece of information we get from this report is that across 19 of the cities surveyed, 25% of individuals needing emergency shelter could not get it. The report states that both individuals and families were turned away from shelters because of a lack of beds.

This shows up saying many individuals will continue to stay on the streets if options are not available, until they absolutely have to take themselves to the shelter.

Even then, chances are resources will be so short that they may not be able to receive any help. We at Bake the World a Better Place do not like these statistics.

The report states that a lack of affordable housing was the primary cause of the issue.

As well as low paying jobs, unemployment, and a lack of services to address mental health. Some of these things do not exactly have an easy solution, but there are some things that we can start taking steps towards solving. Bake the World a Better Place is aimed at nipping this issue in the bud.

Not only do we help provide a stable, safe environment to call home, when the storm is over, we don’t kick you out. Our program is designed to help you to the top from square one.

Helping with finding shelter, food, and along the way training you with skills that will help you be more employable and self-sufficient.

If you know someone facing homelessness and needing a helping hand, please visit our Contact page and send Bake the World a Better Place a message!